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What do you want from a Relocation Agent & What do your expect?

When you move to a new Country or City it will be very exciting but also can produce stress and anxiety. Trying to find somewhere to live will be a major challenge if you don’t have someone to look for you, and also someone who know the area very well. Local knowledge is so very important in finding the right place that is going to suit you.

Relocation agents will make your moving process so much easier, perhaps even regarded as a God send. Relocations specialists will save you time and money as they know the ins and outs or the challenges you may face, they will provide you with the advice and knowledge that you will need and you will have someone to trust as they are working for you to ensure you find the right …..everything.

Whether you are travelling as Corporate Relocator – for a company or a family looking to relocate to the Gold Coast, RelocateUs - Gold Coast Relocation Services will be there for you.

So you are now thinking ! What will you do for me as a relocation agent?

Our job as a relocation agent is to make your moving process smooth, simplified and a lot less stressful that trying to go it alone.

Some of the services include :

Property Search and shortlist and then attend the property rental inspections on your behalf

We might accompany your to open home viewing if you are new at this and need some support and advice

Corporate relocations are where company employees relocate to their new location

Personal relocations for singles and families including their pets

School searches

Packing and unpacking

Setting up your new residence

Concierge services which might include purchasing household items

RelocateUs also offers full service relocation package which we tailor to your need and this may cover some of these additional services.

Our Orientation tour is a must if you are coming to Australia and want to know everything about living a coastal lifestyle. Its amazing how much you will learn in a day when you work with a true Gold Coast local.

Relocation agents may also help you pack up and sell off what you had while you were here, when you find it time to move on to your next location.

Call us now for a chat, and learn how RelocateUs - The premier Gold Coast Relocation Service provider.

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