D E L I V E R Y &

Terms and Conditions 

WHEN WILL YOU DISPATCH MY ORDER: Same day processing and dispatch.



                                      Brisbane and the Gold Coast to those listed on our website.


WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY DELIVERY:  You will receive your goods, next Business Day.. 

WHO WILL DELIVER MY GOODS:  We will schedule a courier on your behalf.

DO I HAVE TO BE HOME TO RECEIVE DELIVERY:  NO you do not need to be home. When completing your order in the Special Instructions section please note where the courier can safely leave your items The area must be Safe, dry and out of the weather. If these instructions are not clear and there is no safe place available, the courier will have no alternative than to return these items to the warehouse. A re-delivery fee will be payable before delivery is re-booked. 

DO I HAVE TO AUTHORISE "AUTHORITY TO LEAVE"  -  NO When using this website you are Authorising Authority to leave at your front door if you are not there.  If you DO NOT want your items left without a signature You MUST specify this in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS.

IF I WAS NOT HOME WHEN THE COURIER ARRIVES AND I SPECIFIED " DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED" AND GOODS WERE RETURNED TO THE  WAREHOUSE WHEN WILL THEY BE RE-DELIVERED?   You will need to contact US and a re-delivery fee will need to be paid before the goods will be redelivered.  

CAN WE GIVE YOU A DELIVERY TIME:  NO we can not give any estimates on delivery times as it is the courier company that organises this.  Delivery can be anytime from 7am - 6pm the day that  your goods are scheduled to arrive. 

HOW MUCH IS DELIVERY:  Delivery is not included on the website, Currently Gold Coast delivery is $23 and $33.00 is charged for your total order.( Delivery is only to the areas listed on the Suburbs we delivery to page Brisbane or Gold Coast ) We have a fixed shipping fee. You will need to add this at checkout. 

Please review the Terms & Conditions of Delivery below:

Moving Boxes R Us  provides  packing supplies and moving cardboard storage boxes for sale at eh best possible prices.  delivered  next business day to all the suburbs listed on our site in the Brisbane,&, Gold Coast areas listed

Our pricing does not include delivery. We only to deliver to the suburbs listed on the Brisbane, & Gold Coast pages, .  

You don't have to be there for delivery as long as there is somewhere safe and dry to leave them. (unless you specify that the items must be signed for). 

Delivery is next business day - Delivered to you Door.

Delivery Terms and Conditions

1.1 Delivery is same (if ordered within the time allowance) or  next business day.
1.2 We do not deliver to any areas outside the suburbs listed on the Suburb listing pages on this site.  Please refer to the delivery suburb pages. 
1.3 Goods will not be held by the Courier, if You are not there, it will be taken that You are giving permission for the goods to be left on the doorstep.
1.4 If You Do Not want the goods to be left in Your absence You must state this in your delivery instruction prior to delivery.
1.5 If you have not specified a place to leave your items at time of delivery it will be taken for granted to leave them at your front door.

1.6 If You are not there at the time of delivery and there is no safe or dry area to leave the goods, the Courier will have no option other than to return them items for a re-delivery.  In this event, We will recontact You, and a re-delivery fee will be charged prior to the order being resent. 
1.7 If You supply instructions stating that You must be there for delivery and You are absent when the courier delivers, the courier will take the product back, however You will have to pay a re-delivery fee.
1.8 You are requested to provide clear instructions as to where to leave Your items, if You are not going to be there to sign. We cannot guarantee that these instructions will be followed, and We or the Courier cannot be held responsible if the delivery instructions are not as per Your request.
1.9 If You are not there to sign for Your delivery You acknowledge that  Moving Boxes R Us -RelocateUs or the Courier Company will not be responsible for any missing or damaged goods that have been left unattended.
1.10 Delivery is Monday to Friday business hours.  There will be no Weekend or Public Holiday deliveries.
1.11 Delivery is only to street addresses, no post office delivery. 

1.12 If you supply an incorrect address on your order and goods are returned to our warehouse, you will be responsible for a  re-delivery fee. 
1.13 We will not specify a time for delivery, and We cannot give an estimate on the delivery time.
1.14 We have strict inventory controls to ensure that Your delivery is what You ordered.  Our Couriers have systems in place to verify their deliveries, however should there be a problem with Your purchase please contact Us immediately (within 24 hours), so We can examine the situation before a time lapse.
1.15 If you have placed an order and you are not in one of our delivery suburbs, we will contact you and request another address to deliver to.
​1.16 We do not deliver to Post Office Boxes, an address must be supplied. 

Sub-Contractors / Couriers
2.1 We may locate a Sub-contractor / Courier to deliver your purchased Goods. 
2.2 You agree to Us contracting the Courier on your behalf, and we will be making the payment to that Courier on your behalf. Alternately, You may notify Us and advise that you will organise your own courier, at Your own cost and responsibility. If you do not notify Us at the time of placing the order we will organise delivery for the next business day 
2.3 You agree to them being supplied with your name, address and phone number.


3.1 If You have a problem with Your delivered purchase please contact Us immediately (within 24 hours) so We can rectify the problem.
3.2 If You are collecting the item, please ensure the pickup quantity is correct, and quality is to Your acceptance before leaving the collection point.
3.3 When placing an order with Us, You agree and acknowledge the terms of delivery above