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Arriving at a strange airport can be daunting, however we can help alleviate the anxiety and save you time by organising a driver to collect you and take you to your accommodation  in either Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. If you require us to organise temporary accommodation, car hire, groceries, and much more, we are able to assist with most requests.  Take a look at our school and property search services too. Our ongoing phone, email and face to face video calls are all part of our pre-arrival and post arrival services.  We will stay with you till you are comfortable to go it alone. 

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When you are moving it can be difficult to sort out what you need and what you don’t.   When cleaning out your cupboards you will find things that you have been keeping for some years and had forgotten you had even had.  It can be difficult to dispose of these items sometimes for sentimental reasons, but if you are downsizing and need help we are there for you. 

Perhaps your office is in chaos and you need help organising this, we are specialist organisers so call



Working for you as your Tenant Representative on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane - looking for home or office space, we help tenants locate, negotiate, and evaluate all possibilities in the search for a new lease. 

We will do part or all of the following services

- attend a rental inspection on your behalf - you can join us via video call for the inspection

- source the properties

- preview them

- report and show you the best available, 

- locating properties fitting all your requests, any size space, in any type of building, including residential, office, industrial & retail on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 

-Ingoing rental inspection reports when you are not here to pickup your keys and return the report within 3 business days of your lease commencement. 


Our Property searches packages are tailor designed and  will be as you request, unaccompanied, accompanied or organised on your behalf for you to inspect. 

Our initial consultation to discuss your requirements  is a free of charge.  We like to set up a time convenient to both as often we are in different time zones.  We don't work normal 9-5 jobs so we will speak to you in the late evenings or early mornings, we  accommodate  you.  Once you make contact with us we schedule this free appointment to suit. 

From here we will design a service that will be suitable for you.  It may be just one thing or a full range of services that your require. 




Moving can be daunting for anyone, and sometimes it can all seem a little overwhelming and a tad stressful.  When you are moving from your established family home, it is no small task.  It will involve many decisions.  If you are moving to a smaller home, seniors living community, or assisted living residences, RelocateUs will be able to assist you with the organizing and move management.



Whether you are moving from suburb to suburb or across the world our Executive Relocation service will allow you to get on with your business and remove the stress of trying to fit your move and all that goes along with it, into an already, very busy schedule. Contact us for our brochure and fees.



You are looking to relocate your office and want some help:

 We offer varying services to assist in office relocation's. 

Whether it be researching & inspecting properties for your new  premises,  organising the office for the move, working internally on the administration side of preparing the office for the move or something else.  We are here to assist you. ​



When your business requires someone to oversee the general management of your properties because you have employees tenanting your rentals we will:

  • Property search as per your criteria

  • Negotiate with Real Estate agents on your behalf

  • Complete your entry & exit reports at completion of lease

  • Fit your rental with all the house hold necessities i.e. furniture, kitchen wear, linen etc.

  • Organise for cleaners and gardeners 

  • Any other tasks relating that you may specifically require for your business


Found somewhere to move to, and need help with finding the correct items to make you feel at home:

  • Source quotes and  organise your selected furniture & or electrical appliances purchases

  • Manage & co-ordinate deliveries

  • Layout of new furniture design if required


Our Concierge services, Administration services & Office Organisation for individuals and small businesses on the Gold Coast that may just need an extra hand for a short time.

Is your office disorganised?  Need help? We will sort your space.​

We offer many services from Personal shopper to Personal office assistant. Our role is varied and interesting.  Call us today, as we can help you.



When you move to a new town or country you can often feel lost, and unsettled. Our Orientation service will provide you with insight into life on the Gold Coast and help with the day to day navigation.


One full day of information which supplies  an overview major shopping centres, local grocery stores, medical facilities, public transport, religious needs, sporting/hobbies banks, healthcare and government bodies. We also offer ongoing support. 


Every parent wants the best education options for their children.  We will guide you to the locate a kindergarten, child care centre, school or university in the areas of your choice.  We have a package to suit your needs

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