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Ways to prepare for moving

With some parts of moving your home or business exciting and some not, moving also comes with a fair amount of challenges and stress. It is, therefore, essential to prepare yourself and do some research on ways to plan your move. This short checklist of tips can act as a real stress buster in the whole process:

Packing Tips

1. Book the removal or relocation specialist

2. Purchase quality #moving #boxes

3. Colour code boxes according to the room

4. #Declutter and donate as you pack, don't take it with you!

5. Label each box according to unpacking priority

6. Use a codename for the valuables box

7. Pack your own jewellery and carry it with you

8. Start with the kitchen and fill the box with heavy items first and light items on the top of the box

9. Wrap glasses or breakable items with clean white #packing paper or #bubble wrap and you could use linen to cushion the box.

10. #Pack a box to carry all your medicines and things you may require immediately and take it with you

Tips for days before the move

11. Home delivery of groceries: Place an order for grocery to be delivered hours after your scheduled arrival at the new house. Items like fresh milk, bread and sandwiches can be ordered for breakfast or other meals.

12. Pack an overnight bag: In order to avoid a frantic search in the numerous boxes, make each member of the family pack an overnight bag containing toiletries, PJ’s, spare clothes and toothbrush and personal effects including medications.

13. Map out a floor plan: Make a floor plan about the furniture placement in your new home, which will come in handy to place items at the right spot.

Right before to the move

13. Clean the new house while it's empty

14. Take photographs of the new house: This will help in visualizing furniture placement

15. Ensure pest control is done prior to arrival at new residence

16. Make sure you have organised connection of utilites at new residence

On #moving day

18. Arrange a babysitter to pick up the kids, in case the #removalist is not on time

19. Keep your valuables with you

20. Stay calm, and remember if you cant be there to oversea and #organise your move, we can be there for you.

Call us if you need more information.

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