10  x    R10014       104lt Tea chest 4mm  431 x 406 x 596 

  7   x    R72511       40lt  Small Book box 4mm 427 x 302 x 310mm

  1   x    R710844     2.5kg Butchers packing paper 510 x 760mm aprox 125 sheets

  1  x     R71778       Clear Packing Tape  48mm x 75m
  1  x     R73882       500mm  x 5mt roll bubble wrap

   1 x     R716180     Black osmer felt pen


 Don't forget to add on picture boxes, port a robes and plastic mattress covers to complete your shopping.

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SPECIAL BUY 17 boxes (10 x teachest 7 x book boxes) paper taper bubble pen

SKU: R7100142511108441778388216180