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Packing for the Big Move!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

We all know that packing and moving home is one of the most stressful times in our lives (not to mention time consuming, hard, backbreaking work and costly!).Packing for most people is the least pleasurable part of the whole experience, but now is a good time to eliminate, de-clutter and recap.The way you pack and the packing materials you use will make a big difference to how your possessions arrive at their destination. If you want your precious items to arrive in one piece, it is important that you “pack to protect”.

Don’t waste time packing items you don’t use, want, or need.

Wasted Time!

Everyone loves a bargain, right? So finding boxes to suit your budget is a big part of a move. This could come at a cost however during a very busy if you are running around town,looking for second hand boxes.Sure,second hand boxes could save you money in the first instance but how do you know what was packed in them before you got them? Are you wasting your precious time and money travelling in search of a box that may be water damaged, bed bug ridden or that potentially loose a bottom in the middle of your move when you could have gone online, ordered some new boxes and been done with it?Have a close friend or family member who has just moved themselves and purchased some of our boxes already? Perfect!Gifted boxes from trusted friends are always a godsend, and also help in the recycling chain, however don’t forget you will most likely still require packing materials such as bubble wrap, tapes and packing paper. Here at Moving Boxes RelocateUs,our aim is to provide a one stop shop for our customers in need of saving during this stressful time. We offer boxes at the lowest of prices with the highest of qualities and also stock a range of packing materials. Not sure what you need? Contact one of our knowledgeable team members who will be able to help, or simply visit our online shop now to order for express next business day delivery, or if you are close by same day pickup may be available from the warehouse in Arundel.

Fragile Items

Have you ever moved only to open a box that your forgot to mark fragile and pack with enough cushioning and find those fragile crystal champagne glasses that were a treasured item now just a small pile of pieces? Well it happens, I know someone who lost several pieces out of each of their glass sets, and it was not their happiest day! 

When packing fragile items – don’t forget to put a cushioning like crushed paper, bubble wrap or some linen at the bottom of the box as well as around the items themselves. This should be a no-brainer, you know that if you pack your fragile items in an unreliable way, they will break. No matter how careful you are, or how methodically you pack your items, things happen.  At least if you prepare your boxes and the worst case scenario occurs and someone does drop them, your box has been prepared for that catastrophe, and you took appropriate steps to avoid disaster.

If you are purchasing a second hand box; make sure you check there is no pre-existing damage, they are not harvesting and spiders or German cockroaches and that they are coming from a non-smoking household (if this concerns you) as smells in boxes can transfer onto your items. 

Newspaper can leave the black print on your items and can be difficult to remove, so when you pack with bubble wrap and clean white packing paper you avoid another potential catastrophe! 

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